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Work Centered around prints and finalized images

children friendship bracelets

Friendship Bracelets

Narrative illustration of a slumber party


Narrative illustration about the damage of the 2021 flooding in MD

Valentia in the Goblin Tunnels

D&D Character Illustration

Forest Encounter

Outdoor lighting and plant study

interior room

Work Station

Interior and lighting study for backgrounds

Linden the Feywalker

Character commission for a D&D campaign

arcade furry dancing

At the Arcade

Multi-character commission for a computer background 

self portrait color study

Soda Pop

Self Portrait/Color Study

Water Dancer

Character Illustration

Camellia In The Kitchen

Environment study with a focus on line

Birthday Card

Digital mixed media

Nature's Oddity

Mural proposal for WALL/THERAPY, Rochester NY

Creature From Lake Ontario

Digital mixed media

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