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Visual Development and Concept Design

Work centered around developing setting, character, and world building.

Character Design for Fantasy/Cyberpunk Setting
Concept design character sheet

This design is centered around fight, flight, and fawn trauma responses, as well as considering the climate and culture of the setting. Originally, the design had a poncho with a built in cooling unit, intended to visually mimic the look of a ghost. After considering the character's need to move their arms freely, I modified the design to be a split-sleeved hoodie.

kleseh turnaround.png

The changes to the design also included rain patterned pants referenced from African fabrics, and a metal face mask with glowing horns.

kleseh turnaround helmet.png
Concept design character sheet 2

For this design, the focus was on the character's job and worldview. The character, a bartender in charge of gathering information from the bar's patrons, sees people as usually good but led by inherently bad people, represented in the two toned hair.

The design for this character was more streamlined as I had a pretty solid idea of what the character would look like, and only needed to explore clothing style and color palette. The flower on the prosthetic thigh is a gentian, representing justice and victory. The character is a gladiator, and carries a blade whose handle is built from her amputated tibia.

A rough design for how spirits would look, desaturating after death, with the smoke coming off of the body becoming thicker with heightened emotions.

Additional Character Concepts


"The Dragon's Den", a bar design featuring a dragon skull and tapestry, and a drink delivery system set into the floor.

Commissioned work of character references and dramatic illustration.


Creature Design Development and Completed Illustrations

bracken in the trees smaller.png

Above: Stepping into The Light

Left: Setting fire to the Sky

Two character illustrations aiming to mimic the visual style of Wizards of the Coast's Magic the Gathering card art

Below:  A frame-by-frame personality study.

Frog Pond Prop design

Above: Blue-Sky style ideation for buildings, vehicles, and characters

Below: Studies for town props, as well as further development on buildings and vehicles

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